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Meet Wilderness Therapy faculty!

 "I like to describe our program as the conscious incorporation of the natural world into the therapeutic process. We are really looking at: What are the benefits of bringing nature into the counseling or therapeutic process? And how do you do it? I think that is one of the unique things that we offer."—Deb Piranian, PhD

Deb PiranianDeb Piranian, PhD

BA, University of Michigan; MA, Naropa University; PhD, University of Washington

  • Directs Naropa's Wilderness Therapy program
  • Has worked in private practice, a psychiatric hospital and wilderness therapy settings
  • Formerly served as a senior Outward Bound course director, specializing in wilderness therapy and multinational mountaineering programs

Kate Mazuy

MA, Naropa University, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

  • Is the assistant director of Naropa's Wilderness Therapy program
  • Works as a certified Hakomi therapist and teacher
  • Teaches for Matrixworks/Living Systems Institute

Katie Asmus

MA, Naropa University

  • Has a private psychotherapy practice in Boulder and mentors students through Prescott College Adventure Psychotherapy/Education program
  • Facilitates national workshops on somatic intervention for trauma, wilderness and creative art therapies and "Right Use of Power" as ethics for helping professionals

Deborah BowmanDeborah Bowman, PhD

BA, Wake Forest University; PhD, University of Colorado

  • Co-founded the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program and the Wilderness Therapy Concentration at Naropa
  • Served as faculty and as interim president of Boulder Graduate School
  • Is a licensed psychologist, certified Gestalt therapist and has been in private practice for more than twenty years
  • Was an instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School and is a former river guide

John DavisJohn Davis, PhD

BA, University of Kansas; PhD, Union Institute

  • Formerly chaired Naropa's Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department and directed the low-residency Transpersonal Psychology program and its Ecopsychology concentration
  • Authored The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teaching of A. H. Almaas
  • Serves on the editorial boards of Ecopsychology and The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies


Duey Freeman

BA, Loretta Heights College; MA, University of Northern Colorado; LPC

  • Psychotherapist in private practice since 1982, working with adults, children, and families using a variety of modalities with the primary emphasis on Gestalt and equine work.
  • Coordinator and teacher of all of the family/child classes and all of the Gestalt classes in the TCP program at Naropa University.
  • Clinical supervisor at a very progressive Wilderness Therapy program in Colorado.
  • An accomplished horseman.

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